Our Members


“Young workers don’t often think about their retirement security when they first start working. We’re doing this because we know how important it is.”


“It would be hard to look a co-worker in the eye knowing I didn’t do anything to try and fight for their rights. This is a matter of principle.”


“It would be hard to face my colleagues if I knew they were getting much better compensated than I was. I wouldn’t want that for me, and I wouldn’t wish that on others.”


“When I think of new employees at Westminster Savings at other branches who go to work facing co-workers who get much better compensated than they do, it breaks my heart.”


“We want nothing more than to go back to work, but there are some things you can’t stand for. I wouldn’t want my retirement security toyed with, and I wouldn’t want my co-workers to face that either.”


“When you create division in the workplace, you end up losing good, talented people. Our credit union members deserve better than that.”


“Credit unions were built on the values of treating people with respect, dignity, and fairness. It’s hard to feel that way with how Westminster Savings has treated us.”


“I really feel like co-workers are like family and we take care of each other. And when new people come into our family, we take care of them too.”


“I feel like we, as workers, are sending a message to the credit union’s members as well. We will do our best to take care of our co-workers’ retirement security the same way that we look after theirs.”

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