As a veteran of nearly four decades in the financial industry, Donna has experienced the industry on both sides. Her career to date has included 23 years at another credit union prior to joining Westminster Savings in 2004.

Joining Westminster Savings in 2004 was a pivotal moment for Donna. At the time, her five-year-old son had just been diagnosed with diabetes. Joining Westminster Savings meant she could be closer to home and schools, but still allow this self-proclaimed ‘people person’ to continue to building customer relationships. Westminster Savings had a great corporate culture and employees were treated well. Until they weren’t.

A couple of years ago, Westminster Savings rolled out what Donna describes as a “robotic and cult-like” Manager and Leadership program. The friendly work culture she once embraced was eroding.

Donna was a proven worker, with a history of rewards, customer relationships and sales targets achieved. She was often asked why she was not interested in taking on a management position. But how could she?

She watched management disengage and stop investing in employees, resulting lowered morale and many staff departures.

Until the corporate culture changed at the top, there would be no way for her to affect positive change in management. Instead, she has chosen to fight for her colleagues standing as one of them and with the union behind them.

This fight for the next generation is not just about pension security. The future of this credit union lies in its ability to get back to being a co-operative credit union. It’s about getting back to a place where they truly care about people.

That’s why Donna fights.